Family Carers Board

The board is a group of family carers, together with representatives of Sunderland Care and Support, who aid in the continuous development of the supported living services in Sunderland.

What is the Family Carers Board?
  • We are a group of family carers who meet together, whose loved one live within Sunderland Care and Support supported living services.
  • The group (or Board) provides a forum for family carers to come together with representatives of Sunderland Care and Support and Sunderland Carers Centre to share information and to support the continuous development of the supported living services.
  • It Provides a forum through which family carers can share positive experiences or concerns and discuss topical issues.
  • It gives space for family carers to come together, have a cup of tea/coffee and gain support.
How does it work?
  • The ‘Board’ meet together 4 times a year (usually every 3 months).
  • We usually meet at Leechmere Centre (but you are welcome to attend the meeting virtually by Teams).
  • We are supported by Sunderland Carers Centre who hold family carers contact details and send out invitations and minutes of meetings.
  • We have a Chair and Co-chair but the meetings are very relaxed and encourage family carers to have a voice, as well as having time for a catch up.

If you would like to attend please contact Sunderland Carers Centre via: Telephone on 0191 5493768 or email

Meeting Summaries
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Meeting Dates and Times


Wednesday 14th February
Wednesday 12th June
Wednesday 16th October


Wednesday 12th February
June Meeting – To be held on the Wednesday in the middle of the Carers Week once announced
Wednesday 15th October

Have a concern to raise or a suggestion for the next meeting?

Please get in touch…

Add the details of your suggestion here and it will be raised in our next meeting. If your enquiry is urgent, please contact us using the details provided above. Your concern or suggestion can be sent anonymously, however if you would like to be contacted regarding your message please leave a name and phone number or email address.