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School Card


  • Do you need to leave your phone on at school?
  • Or always explain why you are late?
  • Do you sometimes struggle to get your homework in on time
    because of your caring role?

Then ask your school for a Young Carers’ School Card form, to view the form click here, the card will help you if your teachers need to make allowances because you are a young carer.

The card is the size of a credit card so you can keep it in your pocket. It has your details and photo on the front and what you need on the back to help your teachers to understand and to help make school easier for you - to see more about the school card click here.

Every card is individual but here are some suggestions of things that could support you if you need it:

  • Please understand that all detentions must be pre-arranged.
  • My homework might be late on some
  • Please let me leave school five minutes early
    as I have to collect my younger sibling.
  • Please don’t ask me about my home life
    speak to my tutor.

There are loads more possibilities and if you want more advice speak to a Young Carers
Worker or your pastoral staff at school.

To find out how Sam used her school card click here to read her story.


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