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Weekly Groups

We have two Weekly Evening Groups for this age group - a Tuesday Group for school years 9 and 10 and a Wednesday Group for school years 7 and 8. Each group does a range of activities including training, cookery and team building.

We may also have guest speakers to introduce us to new things and sometimes we’ll all go out to the beach or ten pin bowling. The young people in the group plan the activities so we get to learn loads of new skills!

The weekly groups are a great way to make new friends with people from right across the city and you also get to know the staff really well who are always there if you need any help or advice.

Mini buses can pick people up from home if need be.

To find out more about what the Wednesday group have been up to over the last few weeks check out the article in The Echo.

Holiday Activities

We do loads of activities in the school holidays. There is a chance to take part in local activities like ice-skating and bowling or more adventurous trips such as camping. It is a great chance to make some new friends and have fun.

Here are some reviews from young carers that have taken part in activities with us already, check them out to get an idea of the things we have been doing...

foot"On December 21st I visited the Stadium of Light and met the Sunderland players. As soon as I walked in I had a massive shock and as soon as I saw the players my jaw dropped.

Then I turned the corner and I saw Colback and Fletcher, I felt like fainting. After meeting the players we went for lunch and had a three course meal, then we went to their changing rooms and I went on the pitch to have my picture taken with the Mayor and Mayoress.

When we left from the pitch we watched the match, they drew 0-0 but I didn't mind because it was literally THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!! "

by Kayley


"How many people get to play cricket with Phil Tufnell on the beach?

tuffersWell last summer the Sunderland Young Carers had a wonderful opportunity to film 'The Flowerpot Gang', which saw Phil Tufnel, Anneka Rice and Joe Swift come to Sunderland and revamp the Carers’ Centre garden.

It was an honour to film with them and help make the garden become a reality. It was amazing to get our stories and the meaning of being a young carer out into the world — on prime time BBC1 TV.

My most favourite part was playing cricket on the beach, who gets to do that with a cricket legend? Not to mention making wooden toadstool seats and stained glass decorations for the garden too. The unveiling of the garden was fantastic, a hill with tunnels, a climbing frame with hammocks—HAMMOCKS!!!

So in all, The Flowerpot Gang was a once in a lifetime experience and it was such a shame that not every moment made it to TV, but it was worth every single second!"

by Ross

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